Back to David’s fantasy

I’m feeling more and more of like my old self. It feels good to stop stressing so much and just live my life. 

With everything going on, I haven’t said much about David lately but we stay in touch on a fairly regular basis. Ever since he shared his fantasy about serving a Dominant woman as well as being in charge of another submissive man whose purpose is also to serve this woman, he has become increasingly fixated on it. He asked if I could meet him to talk more about it so I told him Friday would work.

He said he talked to a few other submissive men about it and wants to know what I think. I told him that I honestly haven’t even had the mental energy to think much about it but I would be open to hear what has found out. Should be interesting… 




2 thoughts on “Back to David’s fantasy

  1. i am sure you will be enlightened by his findings – i think to be allowed to worship your body under the direction of another Dom would not only be interesting but exciting – i look forward to hearing about your conversation – most respectfully Yours alan


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