Making someone’s fantasy come true

I met with David tonight. When we originally planned to meet, we didn’t realize it was St. Patrick’s Day and everywhere would be unbelievably crowded and not conducive to talking. Finally, I suggested we just get a 6 pack and sit in my car. So we did. Not the classiest date ever but he is as a young guy and as long as he can drink beer on a Friday night, he is happy.

As I believe I mentioned, David recently shared a long time fantasy of serving a dominant woman while simultaneously being in control of another submissive man who is also serving. I told him that when we met tonight that he can give me more details and I would let him know what if any, I would allow.

It’s funny but years ago I remember having this exact fantasy with Sir. I wanted to be the alpha female and in charge of training another woman. While we fulfilled a lot of fantasies, this one never happened. I actually even forgot about until David brought his up.

David and I have become friends in a D/s kind of way so I already know a lot of what goes on in his day to day life so there wasn’t much a need to catch up. Instead, I told to get right to the good stuff.

He had all these ideas and very specific details which included me being very pampered, spoiled and demanding. While it’s not really my personality to sit around doing nothing while being waited on hand and foot, I’m sure I could muddle through it for a few hours 🙂

I listened intently while he went through all the different scenes he dreamed up. He is a good looking guy but the excitement in his eyes made him almost irresistible. I thought again about how that if I was 24, I’d have been completely smitten. He has these large dark eyes that fully give away his emotions. Several times I’ve seen the change in his eyes as he passed through different emotions. It’s fascinating and I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

A couple of days ago, he sent me a picture of a man he found that was interested in the same fantasy. This guy was good looking as well although VERY young. Even a couple years younger than David. I had mixed feelings about it but after discussing it with Sir, it was decided I should explore further. What could it hurt really? After all, I was in charge.

With my permission David showed this guy my photo’s and he said to him that he really wanted to participate.

I told David I would be up for meeting him but I have rules. I’m not looking for some devil’s threesome and full sexual contact should not be expected. Ultimately, I will have full control over both of them and what I say goes. Fortunately, unlike most men, submissive men don’t have expectations of sex and tend to be happy with what they get. There is a lot of power in that.

Most of the things he talked about were reasonable but that boy sure is kinky! I finally had to shut him up by kissing him which indeed had the desired effect.

I gave him a few dates and times where I could meet so it looks like we are moving forward for now. To be continued….


7 thoughts on “Making someone’s fantasy come true

  1. wow so exciting – i wonder if this scenario could ever be played out with an older man as the sub – it is something i would love to explore in my head – pampering a younger Lady and being controlled by a man – such an intriguing thought – i look forward to reading Your exploits, and in the meantime wish You a lovely weekend

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  2. Might be an idea on mine. It is certainly a realm as much as any other. A few ways to accommodate. Add it to goals or objectives…
    At the moment finishing things off and shedding old skins

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