How much is too much?

I’m not 100% sure what I think about sending revealing photos. Over the years, I must have sent upwards of 1000 to Sir but other than that, I’ve only sent a handful, mostly to women. I don’t know why but that doesn’t seem as bad as sending them to men. Just another one of my illogical quirks…

I’ve seen Jason probably 8 times and 3 1/2 of these times we had more extensive sexual contact so it’s fair to say I know him fairly well. He has asked me for revealing photos more than once. The first time he asked was about 3 months ago which was before we were together sexually. Sir said I could send one of my nipple ring but said absolutely nothing with my face in it.

He is a man so he loved it of course and wants more. I’m not particularly worried about it coming back to haunt me or anything like that but wonder how much is too much? Is it just as bad to send “tasteful” photos compared to more overt ones? Where is the line and does who is involved change where you draw it or is it the same for everyone? By the way, he has sent me unsolicited pics of himself.

Interesting side note. Jason’s daughter got in trouble at school (and home) for sending a nude photo of herself to a boy she liked. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay with just that boy. Wtf? She is 12 years old!! I guess it happens all the time in middle school. Wow.


5 thoughts on “How much is too much?

  1. wow whatv a difficult subject – i love to see pictures of naked ladies and i can be a bit of an exhibitionist myself – i think it is fine in a close relationship but i am much older and it seems that the young dont stay together as much – i used to have naked pics of my wife but once she reached 60 she asked me to destroy them all – i did – much as i would have liked to keep some – but i believe that when a woman asks a woman gets 🙂 hope i am not being toooooo old fashioned – hope you all have a GREAT weekend – very best wishes alan

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  2. I guess in a school environment the teachers and other 3rd parties need to be protected legally from minors behaving in such a manner. I feel for people who get implicated and falsely charged because others have not learned why we respect social or personal boundaries. Time and a place for everything. Then again I often see people making great livings capitalizing on these kind of circumstances. One of the more recent cases of this I have seen those who put the guy in for 6-9 cannot accept that their victim is helping a lot of other prisoners with his time. In fact I asked my mate at the footy tonight how many of his antagonists have dropped dead over the last 4 years due to stress related blowups…. 5 said the Bard.

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  3. You’re right it does happen all the time. I know someone’s brother who ended up in prison because he had them on his phone and each picture counted against him as charge. They take this stuff seriously. That boy is lucky his parents don’t find it. I’m sure his parents won’t like it. Only you can say when it’s too much. You are a beautiful person and it’s your body. You have to find your voice and speak up for yourself when you feel it is the right time. I wish you the best with sir.

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  4. Actually, it got back to the school administration that this boy had this picture and was showing his friends. She was in trouble. He was in trouble. They did what they could to find who else had a copy but I have no doubt it is still out there in cyberspace somewhere. It is considered child pornography and treated as such. What a mess!

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  5. As an adult woman I think you can send whatever you are comfortable with. Personally I love receiving pics from my wife. But I would never share them without her permission and would never share any with her face in them. The pictures in my blog were taken with her permission. No face is included and I share them to help make my blog more “real”. I will likely share more as time goes on. I do like seeing pics on the blogs I read. I particularly like shots of the bloggers themselves. I like to have a sense of who that person is physically. Still the words written are the most important part of any blog.

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