A sense of peace and contentment

I’m feel largely at peace today for some reason. I don’t feel at peace all that often so I am trying to savor and enjoy it while it lasts.

I feel good that I set boundaries with Jason when told him that I still want to date other people. I don’t really feel the need to fuck anyone else. Honestly, I really only like having sex with one person at a time. Now dating is different. I want to date other people. It makes me feel safe and I need to keep doing it for right now. And if one of these dates evolve into something more? Well, I will just have to figure that out if and when it happens.

Something kind of strange. I find myself thinking a lot about what Jason was like as a kid. Like 5 year old Jason. 13 year old Jason, etc. I mean, I really wish I could see video! This is so weird to me. Someone’s childhood is not usually something I think much about unless the subject is brought up. He has mentioned things in passing and it seemed normal enough so why the fascination? I have no idea.

I even feel at peace with Sir’s current role in my life. I love our outlandish journey and no matter what twists and turns inevitably lie ahead, I know he will always be a profound and influential person in my life.


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